Why an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a medical health professional who holds a Master’s or Doctorate degree in Audiology. This requires 6-8 years of college study focusing on how we hear, hearing loss/disorders, the physics of sounds, hearing and technology, and correction of hearing loss through amplification. Only an Audiologist or Otolaryngologist can perform a medical hearing evaluation.

Try Before You Buy

Purchasing hearing devices doesn’t have to involve risk. With our “Try Them Before You By Them” program, we give you the opportunity to “test drive” new hearing aids with no obligation before you buy them. Take them home to your favorite restaurant, or wherever you need to hear better! This ensures you will get the hearing devices that are right for you and your listening needs every time.

In the News

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New hearing aids?

Here’s some information to help you make a successful transition into your new hearing aids.

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